Sta. Ana Wharf: A Revisiting

When I started to dive deeper into the world of photography back in 2008, I was instantly drawn into landscape photography. There was something about capturing the beauty of the world around us.

In Davao, one of the go-to sites for a sunrise landscape photoshoot is the Sta. Ana Wharf.

Naturally, I had to go back to this place after a number of years of not shooting landscapes. Practice makes perfect they say. So, practice I did.

I went to the wharf after taking my girlfriend and her mom to the airport for their early morning flight. Arrived there past after the indicated sunrise time already. But it’s okay, the sun was just above the horizon.

I shot with my Fuji XT-10 paired with just the kit lens. First time to actually do a landscape shoot with this camera. I like the live view here. Very helpful with the composition and gauging the final exposure. And just like every landscape shoot I have done, I shot in RAW to give me that added leverage during post processing.

Here are the photos I came up with. There’s a lot still that I can do to improve. One shoot at a time. I’ll get there.