Chasing Light

Landscape photography has always been my first love. It’s the first genre of photography that I grew up on and became known by. I remember the years that there were only three of us in our photo community here in Davao that seriously did landscape photography. We were the only three who’d regularly be up and about as early as 3AM on weekends on the hunt for the best light to capture.

Over the years, photography and I fell in and out of our relationship. The art became a chore for me. It lost its charm. This past few months though have been different. I’ve been feeling a constant pull back into the light; into chasing light. Thankfully, my dad sent me to attend Chasing Light by Jay Jallorina and Edwin Martinez before 2016 closed.

The workshop was more than enough to refuel my passion for landscape photography again.

I brought our Fujifilm XT-10 paired with the humble 16-50mm kit lens to the workshop. I wanted to borrow a wider lens from friends like the 10-24. I had to stop and remind myself to make do with my current setup and focus on post processing techniques. At this point, I was quite interested in learning more about blending.

So for two days in Mariveles, Bataan, Jay together with five other students, we were guided in to swim in landscape photography. Lessons on composition, post processing, gear were dished out one after the other. Information overload n some moments but I was relishing every bit. Absorbing as much as I can.

Absorb I did.

These are what came out of my digital laboratory after that workshop. (Click on a photo to view it in gallery mode.)


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  1. Bingo Masbad Avatar
    Bingo Masbad

    Beautiful!!..proud of you, son 1..