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  • Chasing Light

    Chasing Light

    Landscape photography has always been my first love. It’s the first genre of photography that I grew up on and became known by. I remember the years that there were only three of us in our photo community here in Davao that seriously did landscape photography. We were the only three who’d regularly be up…

  • Sta. Ana Wharf: A Revisiting

    Sta. Ana Wharf: A Revisiting

    When I started to dive deeper into the world of photography back in 2008, I was instantly drawn into landscape photography. There was something about capturing the beauty of the world around us. In Davao, one of the go-to sites for a sunrise landscape photoshoot is the Sta. Ana Wharf. Naturally, I had to go…

  • Roadtrip along the East

    Roadtrip along the East

    A long weekend was coming up because of the Chinese New Year so we rushed to do a road trip. We’ve been to Mati City so many times already so we thought we’d go further up the road to Manay. We called ate Jojie and got her to come with us because she’s from there.…