Boracay Music Festival

This year’s Labor Day weekend shenanigans at Boracay was my first. It’s been a few years that I’ve tried going but just can’t becaue of some reason. Thankfully, this year, it pushed through. Most likely because I didn’t have a desk job already.

April, my girlfriend, and I booked right away our plane tickets and hotel back in January. And the countdown began for the both of us. I was excited! And things got even more exciting when I was booked to play during the first night of Boracay Music Festival. I have Martin Buen to thank for that booking.

And that is what my post is about.

Boracay Music Festival (BMF) was a three-day festival that featured more than 40 artists. Check out their photo album of artists posters. Sadly, you won’t find me there. They probably missed doing my artist poster even though they asked for my profile, logo and photo. Nevertheless, I was booked on the second slot on the first night. It was Trance night I was told. Excitement levels up to the wazoo!

After several hours of flight delays, I was on the island already and jittery and excited at the same time for my set. I was told that I’ll be on by 930PM right after John Sedano. I got there early and sat by the stage getting the feel of the crown and letting the music seep into my veins. John was playing House and I was briefed again to keep my playlist to be “Trancey House“. I dunno what that is, to be honest. But what the heck! It’s Trance night, right? And it’s Chicane headlining the first night so it’s only fitting.

Before I knew it, I’m on deck and just played. Played what I felt I should play at each moment. One track at a time.

And this is how the set went down. I re-recorded my set at the Beat Project Manila studios after getting my Rekordbox playlist history.

I can’t thank enough my girlfriend, April, for being so supportive of what I do. She’s a Trance convert too, if I may add. She’s always been there for me – empty dancefloor or filled to the brim – she’s there to listen and dance to my set. I am grateful. Truly am. The love is real.

To Travis and Marc who’ve always provided me opportunities to shine and never failed to offer words of encouragement whenever I feel the hibbi jibbies before I play.

And, of course, to my family. Family is love. Family is permanent. Them crazy bunch have always kept me going despite everything.