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  • Bad Mix 12: Trancession V

    Bad Mix 12: Trancession V

    It’s been a while since the last one I recorded. I won’t talk much about this. Enjoy it all in 140bpm and up.

  • Trancession Feels: New Mixes

    Trancession Feels: New Mixes

    I recently just uploaded a couple of mixes on my Mixcloud account. One is a Trance mix hence the name Trancession. And the other’s named Big Feels Deux. Trancession III This is the third installment of my Trancession series and I played this set live last January 13, 2018 at Time in Manila during the first…

  • Bad Mix 05: Trancession II

    Bad Mix 05: Trancession II

    This was my set for Trance ‘Til Dawn‘s Elysium last November 11, 2017 at Time in Manila. This was extra challenging for me since John Odin did tell me to dig deeper into my library. So dig I did. I wasn’t gunning much for what’s new or what’s the latest and greatest. My mindset when…

  • Bad Mix 03: Trancession

    Bad Mix 03: Trancession

    I put together a new mix recently. I haven’t been able to play a lot of Trance since my set at Boracay for the Boracay Music Festival. So here’s something I put together. I was gunning for more energy in this instead of my usual Trance set which has lots of breakdowns and “rest periods”.…

  • Boracay Music Festival

    Boracay Music Festival

    This year’s Labor Day weekend shenanigans at Boracay was my first. It’s been a few years that I’ve tried going but just can’t becaue of some reason. Thankfully, this year, it pushed through. Most likely because I didn’t have a desk job already. April, my girlfriend, and I booked right away our plane tickets and…

  • No Goodbyes

    No Goodbyes

    Eight minutes of Pinoy creativity for Trance. I couldn’t be any more proud of my brother, John Odin and my sister, Sha Supangan together with David Afrika. Enough of me talking. Hit the play button already! PS. That MECHA Remix is DOPE!