Trancession Feels: New Mixes

I recently just uploaded a couple of mixes on my Mixcloud account. One is a Trance mix hence the name Trancession. And the other’s named Big Feels Deux.

Trancession III

This is the third installment of my Trancession series and I played this set live last January 13, 2018 at Time in Manila during the first edition of Trance ‘Til Dawn’s Elysium. Trance ‘Til Dawn is, to my knowledge, the only Trance group in the Philippines. They’re such a happy, passionate bunch of peeps that I love so much. I am always excited to play a set for their night which happens only once a month. It’s a very different kind of energy in the club with them. There’s no hyping going on but you can see and feel the energy in everyone’s faces throughout the night.

Hopefully, in the next Elysium night that I get to play for, you’d also be there to share the energy with everyone.

Big Feels Deux

This is the second mix I did for my concept of big room, big feels. Basically, my goal for this series of mixes is to capture that big airy feeling and that deluge of emotional high during an outdoor dance music festival. These are bangers if you prefer to call them that. The difference here is that I’m making the extra effort to avoid the obvious tracks to be included in the mix. Again, I’m hinting on letting the music speak for itself and not because it’s from Hardwell or Tiesto or Martin Garrix or Zedd. I’d like to think that the music (and the mix as a whole) will carry you through and lift you up as well. A natural musical high.

These kinds of tracks usually come out of my library whenever my good friend and brother, Travis Monsod, puts me on the lineup for Saturdays Are Endless at URBN QC.