Why PLDT Home Fibr?

Quick thoughts on why I chose PLDT Home Fibr.

I’ve been on the PLDT Home Fibr connection for the last three years or so already. I’m currently on a 100Mbps connection and I can’t be any happier. We have plenty of devices here at the house that needs to be online all the time. And that amount of bandwidth I consistently get keeps every device and user happy. In today’s very digitized world, connectivity is a must for everyone. If you’re out and about, having a mobile data connection is a requisite. And when at home, reliable internet via wi-fi in every corner of the house is also a must.

My Home Fibr connection is also currently routed via the Google Wifi device. I have one and that’s pretty much all I need to make sure that all the devices we have in the house are connected reliably. But I won’t talk about the device here. That’s for another post on another day.

Let me share with you here why I made the choice to stick with PLDT for my internet connectivity needs.


Let’s face it, PLDT’s been in the telco game the longest. As far as infrastructure is concerned, they already got it going and they’re still expanding. Especially now that demand for data and connectivity is skyrocketing by the day. If you’re in a major urban area in the Philippines, I’m sure PLDT is going to be there and they’ll have internet connectivity available for you to subscribe. 

Reliable Speed

Speed is nothing really if it can’t be sustained. You may have a gigabit internet connection but if it only hits gigabit speeds less than half of the time you’re online, I say that that’s a waste of money. This is reason number two why I stay on with PLDT. Ever since I’ve had my connection, it’s never hit below 80Mbps on a normal day. And in today’s health crisis, the Speed Boost is, well, a boost. I’m getting somewhere around 120Mbps to 130Mbps, average speeds. Which brings me to my next point. 


Ever since the health crisis reach pandemic proportions and forced the country into lockdown, the Speed Boost we all got for our internet connections is a big help. That means each subscriber’s connection can now handle better the data traffic. And this comes in very handy for anyone who now has to work from home or telecommute. If you were to do your work from home duties over a mobile connection with spotty cellular coverage, you’ll only get frustrated.

So, that’s it. Three reasons why I love being on a PLDT Home Fibr connection.

As we move forward in today’s challenging times because of a health crisis, I’m optimistic and hopeful that our call for more speed and reliability out of our Home Fibr connections will definitely be answered.