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  • Google Wifi with PLDT Home Fibr: Simple, easy

    Google Wifi with PLDT Home Fibr: Simple, easy

    PLDT Home, for quite some time, was offering Google Wifi as a bundled product with their home internet services. When I first learned about it back in late 2018, it was a thing to be excited about because things will get easier for regular customers to get good wifi coverage throughout their homes without too…

  • Samsung Galaxy A50s: A Quick Review

    Samsung Galaxy A50s: A Quick Review

    In the midst of all the flagship phones flooding the market, fewer and fewer people are able to enjoy top-end mobile technology. Rightly so because these flagship phones are absolutely, ridiculously expensive. This trend basically gave rise to the “flagship killers”. Smartphones that carry top-end tech and can outperform the flagship models created their own…

  • Pyro


    Pyro, according to their Facebook page’s categorization, is an Asian Fusion Restaurant. They’re at the Mabini Commercial Complex along Mabini Street, Davao City. This part of the city is seeing a constant growth of new establishments sprouting like mushrooms. The place is accessible enough via taxis and trikes but no jeepney route on the same…