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  • #DavaoFoodCrawl: Taichou Izakaya

    #DavaoFoodCrawl: Taichou Izakaya

    Tucked away in an easy-to-miss corner along D. Ponce Street, is a small, unassuming izakaya. Its signage isn’t as glaring as any other restaurant in the city. And if you’re not following the prescribed speed limit in the streets of Davao, you’ll easily go past the place. You can thank 7-11 for being there to…

  • #DavaoFoodCrawl: Kitsune Japanese Casual Dining

    #DavaoFoodCrawl: Kitsune Japanese Casual Dining

    Stop #2 is at Kitsune Japanese Casual Dining. Kitsune is along Juna Avenue, Juna Subdivision.  The general area of Juna Subdivisions has gone through some kind of rebirth into a go-to food stop in the city. In some ways, Juna reminds me of Maginahawa in QC. There’s a place to eat in all the major…