North Batan, Batanes


I used to only dream of seeing this unspoilt frontier. Unspoilt because I’ve never seen a mall or a Starbucks shop in any of the photos I’ve seen online. Frontier because, although there are flights going there on a regular basis, it’s still far enough to disconnect you from the rest.

My chance came when my mom, out of the blue, messaged me and asked if I wanted to go with them to Batanes. Who am I to say no? Even though I was going to be a “senior-sitter” for this trip, I didn’t mind at all. Yes, “senior-sitter”. I was the only one aged below 50 in our group. The rest, well, you guessed right. _______ citizens. I’ll let you fill in that blank.

We left NAIA (RPLL) before the sun even rose. I didn’t have sleep yet by then so I took the time to catch some needed rest. But not before catching this sunrise above the clouds.

Anyway, so there I was, standing on the airfield looking up towards Mt. Iraya marvelling at its beauty covered partially with low-level clouds. The cool, morning air blowing through the runway as if apo Iraya smilingly whispered to my ear, “welcome to my lands, anak!”

What a welcome indeed!

Here are photos of what I saw during our North Batan tour.