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  • South Batan, Batanes

    South Batan, Batanes

    Day 3. Batanes. Final tour day in Batanes and we’re headed towards the southern part of Batan Island. Highlight of the tour would be Honesty Cafe. What you have heard about this cafe is all true. Nobody is there to watch over everybody. Nobody is there to accept payment of what you buy. It’s all…

  • Sabtang, Batanes

    Sabtang, Batanes

    Day 2. Batanes. This time though we’re headed off to another island – Sabtang. Sabtang is a 30- to 45-minute ride on the faluwa, the traditional Ivatan boat. It’s a big boat. Wide. It’s front end slopes towards the sky as if in constant salutation. It’s probably because it needs to break the waves it…

  • North Batan, Batanes

    North Batan, Batanes

    Batanes. I used to only dream of seeing this unspoilt frontier. Unspoilt because I’ve never seen a mall or a Starbucks shop in any of the photos I’ve seen online. Frontier because, although there are flights going there on a regular basis, it’s still far enough to disconnect you from the rest. My chance came…