Clarose: A Rose Blooms


About a couple of months ago, my friend Gian of Giantimages Studio to a pre-debut shoot at Buda and Brgy. Salumay. It was a welcome invitation considering that I haven’t gone on a photoshoot for quite a while. I haven’t even been doing landscape shoots.

So off we went.

The shoot was for Clarose. She was pensive at first almost hesitant with the shoot. But a few minutes into the shoot and her bubbliness was starting to show and that was good. Gian took the lead with the shoot. Jowe was by his side taking shots as well. I, on the other hand, stepped back. I was shooting at first with my Fujifilm XT-10 but I felt that three’s a crowd while up close and personal with Clarose. So I took out my trusty Canon EOS 7D, paired with the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L and took the sniper position to take photos. It’s a habit of mine built out of years of being mentored by Rhonson Ng and Jojie Alcantara. One of the many lessons they taught me is to find another angle. Another angle that’s totally different from the others.

Our first session was with her red gown with the forest as a backdrop. Quite the contrast. Red against green. But I think it turned out pretty well.

The second session was against a backdrop of mountain rock still with the red gown. The mood was somewhat somber or serious for that one photo I liked from among those I took.

Finally, the white top plus denim jeans session. The sun was slowing sinking down and it was casting that golden afternoon glow. I just had to have that backlit shot. Well, in my case, mostly sidelit.

It wasn’t that bad (at least for me) of a shoot after being away for so long. I need to do more that’s for sure.

Muchos gracias to Gian and Jowe for having me. Here’s to more shoots in the future!