Castaway 3

Earlier this month, April and I joined Travis Monsod and his wife, Kat for a weekend roadtrip to Clark, Pampanga.

Castaway Music Festival is a yearly music fest and is a brainchild of boss Louie Lizardo. Much thanks and love to boss Louie for the warm welcome for me and my girlfriend, April.

Back to the fest.

As expected, this was a dance fest right from the start. Castaway 3’s format was DJs playing tandem sets. Kat DJ and Katsy Lee. Nix Damn P and Carlo Atendido. Ace Ramos and Mars Miranda. Travis Monsod and Marc Marasigan. Jet Boado and Ron Poe. The differing set was that of Deuce Manila’s. She did not have a tandem DJ but had two performers instead – Bea Valera and Kio Priest.

Three of the country’s top MCs were also on-hand to get the hype going up and higher – MC Pao, MC Boo and MC Ronthug.

Travis, Kat, April and I arrived at the backstage just as Ace and Mars were about to come on. The energy level was already cranked up high at that point. Knowing how Ace and Mars play out their sets, I was pretty sure that it will only get more energetic from that point. I wasn’t disappointed.

It was one heck of a night! We went back to the hotel sweaty and in high spirits ready for the next leg of the weekend – Summer Siren Festival at Crystal Beach, Zambales.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos.