Big Bad Wolf 2019: Makakahabol pa!

It’s the second year that Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is here in Davao City and, hopefully, with its partnership with Gawad Kalinga, this will become a mainstay yearly event that every Davaoeño and Mindanawon can look forward to. This year is made even more special because Big Bad Wolf will be donating a portion of the proceeds for each book sold to “towards building transitional houses for the earthquake victims and the Big Big Wolf Book Sale is kick-starting this initiative by pledging to build 50 transitional houses.

Gawad Kalinga’s Executive Director, Jose Luis Oquiñena, was at the press conference during the VIP day and during his short speech, he said that “…there are one million possibilities inside that hall”. That’s one million possibilities from books. Books that can be connected to the poor to “…challenge their curiosity…” and “these books can inspire them to dream of better and bigger things.” 

The yearly book sale is a good chance to stock up on a year’s worth supply of books. Especially when the budget is tight during the rest of the year and purchasing that one title is more of a luxury than a joy to buy. When you start thinking about the discounted prices for the books in the sale – 50% to 90% off – it suddenly makes sense to go on that book-buying spree. Just don’t forget about buying one, two or three books to donate to the Red Readerhood initiative of Big Bad Wolf. 

VIP day was a welcome opportunity for me and April. We get to rummage through all the titles without much of the crowd. There’s still a lot of people inside the venue but it wasn’t as jampacked as a regular day. What was our haul for that day? I’ll let my wife share that with you with a video.

Here are a few more photos from that day that I took.