A Paradise Called Siargao: Day 5

It was another lazy day on the northern shores of Siargao. The wind was steady and the sun was out. After having breakfast we decided to motor out and visit the famous and oft-photographed Magpupungko tidal pools.

It was just a quick 10-minute motorbike ride from the resort we were in. There was ample parking space when you arrive there. There’s a roofed parking area for anyone who drove their own motorbikes. Parking fee was Php. 20, if I remember it right. Nothing earth shaking really. If you wanna book yourself on a tour group, my suggestion is you get in touch with My Siargao Guide.

The local government charges Php. 50 for each person at the gate and requires you to login upon entry. And from there, it’s you’re free to roam the place.

The main attraction would be the Magpupungko tidal pools to the left from the gate. That’s where everybody goes. It can get really busy and filled with people during the lowest of tides. We were there just before ten in the morning and it was quite busy already. Make sure you arrive there earlier. The downside of arriving earlier is that the tide might still be high and you won’t be able to enjoy the rock pools because the waters will be quite deep.

It’s a good idea to check with the locals there at Magpupungko. They might know of a secret path to lead you above the tidal pools and still be able to swim there. Always exercise caution before you jump in. I have a feeling that the current there can be strong and it might not be safe for you especially if you’re not a strong swimmer. Always err to the side of safety.

We got there with just enough time to enjoy the tidal pools and swim in it. The tide came in a bit faster than I like it to when we were on our way back to shore for lunch.

Lunch was just there at the beach area. Lots of karinderya to choose there. We ordered grilled squid, some rice and fresh buko to freshen up our parched throats. All that for cheap. Cheap because I can’t recall how much in total we spent for lunch. After lunch, we headed back to the resort for some more of that r&r by the beach.