Bad Mix 04: BIG FEELS

I originally put together this mix as some sort of an exercise for me in song selection. I was telling myself to imagine that it was the again the golden years of big room house and festival music. Nostalgia, to say the least. And as the playlist grew, it felt right to actually release it as a mix. And that I did. In addition to that, I collaborated with my good friend and brother, MC Ronthug so he can put in his hype magic into the mix. And to cap off the mix, we asked Kathee Manalo to put together the cover art for the mix.

Everything just came together and worked like magic. The artwork is awesome! The hype vocals is top notch! And the listener response was something I did not expect! It pushed the mix all the way up to the 9th spot in Mixcloud‘s Big Room House chart! I couldn’t be more grateful than that.

So without further chit chat, here is BIG FEELS!

If you want to download it, here’s the link: